Friday, April 6, 2012

The "After-Party"

After the party, we all walked around the zoo to check out the animals.  Wyatt had a blast!  All he talked about was how much fun he had, and that his favorite part was walking around the zoo with his friends.  He was obviously in seventh heaven - we didn't open any presents at his party (we were waiting until we got home), and he never once tried to rush through it or hurry home.  He never even mentioned presents!

I'm pretty sure that by Sunday Reese was in "Wyatt's birthday overload."  He had all the attention all weekend, and she just wanted to get away from it.  So, she did.  She spent the entire afternoon hanging out with Steph - which included being pushed around in a stroller! She was very happy though!

Some boys never grow up!  Brian got lots of compliments on his Chewbacca t-shirt!  Ha!

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