Monday, April 23, 2012

(BIG) Baby News!

Since I am now 20 weeks along (!) with baby number 4, we had our anatomy scan today!
We (mainly the kids) have been calling the baby, "Baby Mickey or Minnie" for a few weeks.  So I shared this photo on Facebook this morning before we left!

 Reese has wanted to come with us to find out since we asked her about it, but Wyatt has insisted that he just wanted to stay home!  I think he was afraid that I would need to have surgery to find out what the baby is, and he wanted no part of that!  Ha!

I explained that we were just going to have a camera put on my tummy, but he still declined.  Then I remembered that he had class pictures today, so we decided to just send him there.  Our appointment was at 8 (and it was an hour away with traffic), so Brian's mom got here at 7 to watch Hudson, and Wyatt, Reese and I left to drop Wyatt off with my mom so she could take him to school.  Then Reese and I made our way to the appointment, and Brian met us there!
It felt like we had to wait forever to go back, but she finally called us into the ultrasound room!  Reese even hijacked my hand from Brian and held it when the tech was doing the ultrasound! She asked Reese what she wanted and she said, "a sister!"  Well....
SHE GOT HER WISH!  And I got my not so secret wish!
We are very, very, very excited to welcome our fourth little baby, and our second GIRL this September!  And it works out perfectly because Reesie is a late August girl, and this little one will be born within a week or two of her birthday!  Can you say hand me downs? Although, I have no doubt we'll be making a few more purchases just for her!  Now let the naming "fun" begin!  Ha!


  1. Congratulations!! (Reese looks soooo excited for a little sister!)

  2. OMGosh! SO exciting! Reese is the cutest, I love her excitement. So sweet!