Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get on Up, Clap your Hands...

Last Thursday we took the two big kids to see The Fresh Beat Band!  We kept it a secret until we were on our way there.  They thought we were going out to dinner, but we surprised them by telling them that after dinner, we were going to the concert!

Reesie enjoyed her Johnny Rocket's cheeseburger before the show!
Twist, Daddy, and Marina walking from the mall where we had dinner to the concert!
Reesie was very excited before the concert!
Wyatt was excited and I think a little nervous, too!

They both were up and dancing and singing during the first part of the show.  It was great because while we were farther back, there wasn't really a bad seat, so they each got to see everything!

We tried to take a little break and get silly during the intermission!

When we came back from intermission Reesie was a little cranky and tired, so she ended up spending the rest of the concert (there was only about 20 minutes left), crying and sitting on Daddy's lap.  Afterwards though, they just kept talking about what a great time they had seeing Marina, Twist, Shout, and Kiki in concert.

I don't think it lived up to the Imagination Movers concert from last year (which really was awesome), but they still had a great time!


  1. We are taking Gwen in September and I am so excited. I know that she is a little young {she'll be 2 when we go} but she is obsessed with them and yells "Beat!" all around the house. Glad you had a great time!

    1. Oh my goodness - she will LOVE it! I felt really, really, really bad about not taking Hudson, but I didn't think I could manage all of them. He stops whatever he's doing when one of their music videos come on!