Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reese's Spring Program!

Reese's spring program was the day after Wyatt's - and the weather was NOT very springy.  It was a cold, cold day. 

We went to pick out her dress for her "performance" and she picked this one! I gave her a few to choose from because I wanted to make sure her shoes and sweater already matched, but then she did the picking!
Her class and the "grand finale!"

They did their Easter Egg hunt on a separate day (thank goodness), so we went straight back to her classroom.  We only had to bring in tablecloths for her party - and Brian picked them out at Target the night before!
Reesie and Daddy!
We LOVE that their school does such big "productions" for Halloween and Christmas and Easter.  They have a lot of fun, and I know it's special for the kids to have us come in!  They each have a party at the end of their unit each month, but they know these are special because Mommy and Daddy and their grandparents get to come to their programs!

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