Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend - A Pictoral Timeline

We had a fun, busy weekend!  I figured that I should just post a bit of a timeline of our weekend with the pictures to match!

Friday, 12:30PM - My mom and Katie came by with Mason!  He was staying with them this weekend, so they stopped by to visit!  We were all very excited to see him - I think he got dragged around the whole house by the big kids!   They were definitely more interested in him than they are in their own baby brother.

Friday, 5:30PM - Reesie had a make up soccer game.  She has just become such a fun kid to watch at soccer this season!  She is aggressive, and she chases after the ball.  No standing around dancing for her!  Right after this picture was taken she actually yelled at the little boy on the left - "Hey!  Give me that ball!"  She sounded MEAN.  I asked her why she did it, and she said, "I just wanted to scare him so he would run to his Mommy and I could have the ball."  The team she was playing had another little boy that was basically sticking his arm out to hold her from the ball, and I love that she just kept up and didn't back down!  I missed the last half of the game (let's just say that Wyatt had some behavioral issues), but Brian said that she went one on one with one kid for a good 3 or 4 minutes and she finally scored.  It's awesome because the parents of the other kids on the team cheer so loud for her!  They actually started calling her their "All-Star."  Ha!
Saturday, 9:00AM - Soccer for Wyatt!  #4 scores a goal!  After he scores a few goals his coaches usually move him to play sweeper.  He thinks it's so fun because he's learning to play a new position!  I have to say that his coach is really supportive of him, and seems to enjoy teaching him new things, and developing new skills.  He has a really great time playing soccer!  I was really pleased with the improvement that we saw in his sportsmanship that day.  If the other team scored, he didn't get angry.  We need to keep working on it, but I know it will improve!
After soccer we ran to Target and Brian picked up baseball cards for his team (okay, and a hot dog for me).  We rushed home so that I could feed the kids lunch and we could get ready for more fun!

Saturday, 12:00PM - T-ball.  Oh. My. Word.  I have taken on a bit of a role with the team now, too.  One of Brian's assistants had to go out of town for several weeks, so I'm now in charge of getting the kids lined up on the bench and making sure they bat in order.  And that they cheer for their team.  Well, Mr. Wyatt went to get his helmet after he dropped it on the wrong side of the fence, and he walked right past one of his friends who was on deck.  He got hit with the bat on his side, just above his hip.  I know it hurt him, but I'm pretty sure he was more embarrassed than anything.  He sat on my lap for the rest of that half of the inning.   Then he ran to the outfield like nothing happened.  He has a nasty bruise though!

He played in the outfield for two innings, and he also got to play first base.  He really likes first base (or really any position in the infield), because he likes to get outs!

After baseball Brian and I got some lunch, and ate in the car on the way to look at trophies for the team!  We rushed home and he got the boys settled down for naps and quiet time while I got Reesie ready for a birthday party for her friend Ryan!

Saturday, 3:00PM - Birthday party at a bounce house!  We usually avoid those places like the plague. I really think that they're diseased and rarely clean.  Plus, we know too many people (our cousin, a friend, Joba Chamberlain) who have broken bones there.  If it had been a birthday party for one of Wyatt's friends I probably would have declined.  But Reesie loves Ryan, this was at the cleanest bounce house I know of, and it was just Reese (meaning that the chances of her being as rough as her brother were minimal), so we went!  I'm glad we did - she had A LOT of fun!  In fact, pretty much everyone there said that they won't go to any other bounce house because this one is so nice!

Apparently everyone took advantage of nap time while we were gone, so we stayed up late and watched Star Wars.  Everyone, including Hudson, loved it.  I mean, not me, but I was able to nap on the couch while they watched!

Sunday, 8:30AM - Everyone enjoyed the movie the night before, so we decided to give The Empire Strikes Back a shot.  Wyatt doesn't know "the truth" about Darth Vader, so this would be his first chance to find out.  He wasn't as attentive as we thought he would be, but Hudson sure loved it!  When Darth Vader told Luke that he was his father, Wyatt wasn't paying attention.  Then he said he didn't believe him.  Because bad guys lie to good guys.  And because Anakin Skywalker is in Heaven.  Brian apparently also didn't believe it until he saw Return of the Jedi, so I guess that's just what happens (to geeks)!
Sunday, 1:00PM - The van gets a much needed cleaning.  I even took the car seats out to clean them.  And replace straps after a nosebleed incident.  It looks so empty without the car seats!
I also pimped out the van this week with our Disney World family stickers!  It took me 4 years to get the whole set (the mom was the hardest to find).
While I was vacuuming out car seats, Hudson took that as an opportunity to sit in his in the house!
We spent the rest of Sunday watching sports (the Yankees, hockey playoffs, NBA Finals, etc.) while we counted down waited for bed time.  Well, Brian did yard work while we watched that stuff.  Everyone had a pretty early night, except me.  Putting car seats back together is no joke.  Fortunately, I had the Real Housewives of Jersey to get me through it all!

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  1. What is it with kids wanting to sit in their car seats only when they're NOT in the car? My kids do that too. Crazy! The pic of Hudson under the blanket is adorable!