Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wyatt's Spring Program

We had a busy week before spring break!  Each kid had a party and a spring program on a different day!  That Wednesday Wyatt had his class party.  I was tasked with bringing in the "sweet treat" for this party, and I decided to make these cupcakes that I came across on The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  The were really easy, and they turned out really well!  Of course, my picky guy wouldn't touch the coconut, but what else is new?!

The first part of the program is the "performance."  First the three year old came out, then Wyatt's class, followed by the kindergarteners.  They sang some really cute spring songs!
The final song is the "grand finale" where all of the kids sing together!
After the kids got back to their classrooms, Wyatt's class had an Easter Egg hunt on the playground.  They were allowed three eggs, and then they were told to help their friends.  Wyatt is helping his friend Kyle find some  eggs!
He was very excited!
We stayed for a little bit to watch the "party in action," and then we headed out!  It's not easy to keep up with the other two while his class parties, but Wyatt's teacher made a spot for Reese and she got her own plate.  She was very excited!  Wyatt wasn't!  I don't think he wanted his sister sharing in his celebration.  Ha!

This wasn't his last day of school before break, they still had to go on Friday, which was crazy because all the public schools were closed!  I'm pretty sure that we used to call these days "throw away days" when I was in school - but I didn't care!  He was going.  It turns out that they got to meet the Easter Bunny, so he had a pretty fun day!

And just in case you're interested in seeing him in action (grandparents!) -

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  1. That video is priceless! I love it! Such cute pictures!!!