Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had an eventful Easter weekend!  We spent most of Saturday morning running errands, and then went straight to my parents house for an early dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Hudson had fun looking for the eggs that Aunt Katie basically left right out in the open for him!

They were each on their second hunt at this point, so it got a little cutthroat!  Ha!  It's a good thing Reese is fast, because she wouldn't get anything if she wasn't!

We had a yummy ham and hung out at their house for awhile.  The kids LOVE my parents house because there are board games from when we were kids, toys that they don't get to play with as often and guitars!  Wyatt also had a fun time wrestling with my Dad, and these kids just love hanging out with their dog Bella.  They only had her for a few months before Wyatt was born, so she's grown up with the kids and she likes having them around.  Even Hudson, who is very weary of dogs, likes to play with Bella!

Saturday night Brian went to the last home hockey game of the season (although he did buy play off tickets, so he'll be going back to some soon), where the team won their 26th game in a row!  While he was at the hockey game that night I decided to try out Mad Men on Netflix.  And now I'm an addict.  It is seriously so good!

We spent Easter Sunday at Brian's parents' house.  Hudson had a lot of fun throwing food at his siblings and cousins.
There were lots of eggs to found (and I think this little girl ate about a half dozen deviled eggs)!

And Wyatt, Colin, Brian, and Baba played a lot of baseball.  In fact, I think Hudson was feeling a little left out!

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