Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just a Little Cuteness

Wyatt turned 5 this weekend!   Of course, his birthday weekend is going to be either a few separate posts or one really long one, so I figured I'd start with his birthday morning :).  And, this is really just some Hudson. 
Our trash can is a disguised cabinet, so you can just pull it out to throw trash away.  This is one of Hudson's favorite hobbies.  He throws trash in (sometimes it's not trash), and he's been known to pull trash out. After I frosted Wyatt's cupcakes for school on Friday, he and I sat down to review his reader.  I realized that I hadn't seen or heard Hudson wandering around the playroom in about a minute, so I sent Reese to find him.  And then she came out of the kitchen screaming, "Baby Emergency!  Baby Emergency!"

He had grabbed the leftover frosting that was sitting on top, opened it, and started snacking!  But, I guess it was good :)!
And of course, the work Wyatt and I did on his reader that morning?  He never went over it at school. When I asked him after school he told me, "Mom, it's my birthday, and I just wanted a break.  I didn't take it out of my backpack."  Ha!


  1. Baa Haa Haa! That made me laugh so hard! How can you get mad at a sweet face like Hudson? And a 5 year old needing a break? Too funny!

  2. That is so funny! That's how we roll at my house too! Your little one is the cutest thing. You can tell he lurved the icing!

  3. Haha!!! Hysterical! He looks so happy!!!