Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Small iPurge and a Few Other Newsworthy Items!

I'm not sharing a WHOLE lot of pictures (I have been such a slacker!), just a few from the last few weeks! 

Wyatt plays for the Dodgers, but he wore his Yankees uniform to practice one day!  He cracks me up with how much he loves wearing Yankees stuff!  We have been having some "sportsmanship" issues, and the first thing I do is tell him he's not wearing a Yankees shirt until he shows me his attitude has improved.  He understands that Derek Jeter is a good sportsman, and it's probably wrong that I tell him that I'm going to buy him a Kevin Youkilis shirt and make him wear that if he's going to be rude and get angry when he gets out.  But it helps get him in line if I tell him that he's acting like a Red Sox player!
Both of the kids are sooooo into the new show Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior!  Reese has been playing "Doc" a lot lately!
On Opening Day we all wore our Yankees gear and had hot dogs for dinner while we watched the game (which didn't last too long - Wyatt had baseball that day, too)!  Reese is wearing a dress that I got her last year that is more like a long-ish shirt now!  Fortunately she had leggings to wear under it!
They were very excited to have on their matching DJ3K shirts.  We bought a collection last summer!

In other  (pretty miraculous) news, on Good Friday (Wyatt's last day of school before break), there was a jet crash.   It's weird to include this on  the blog, but it has been the focus of Wyatt's attention since it happened.  He heard me on the phone, and then just wanted to see it.  Wants to know what caused it.  And whether they're still investigating.
You might have heard about it.  It happened very close to where Brian works.  Like so close, that I called him immediately.  He was fine, it landed a few miles down the road, but it was absolutely crazy!  This is what the sky looked like at the oceanfront when Brian went to lunch.

 I have lived here my entire life, and jet noise has been constantly in the background.  I remember that I could always tell a tourist by whether or not they looked at the sky when a jet flew overhead.  No one here looks up.  We know what it is, what it looks like, and that it's loud.  But they were here first! I remember missing the noise when I got to college.  And I can't remember anything like this happening.  But y'all, here's the thing - no one died.  Not the pilots (they ejected safely), and no one in the apartment complex.  A Good Friday miracle for sure!

Everyone just talked about what a good job the pilots did, the First Responders did (and I swear I'm not just saying that because my Dad was one!), it was just amazing.  Amazing.

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  1. I heard about that on the news. It was truly a a miracle! What I thought was really sweet was that the jet pilot kept apologizing, "I'm sorry I crashed into your house!"