Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Before Bed on Christmas Eve

We had a great time at my parents' house on Christmas Eve, but we wanted to make sure that we left with enough time to get home so that we could do some of our fun, new traditions with the kids.  After the great time they had, keeping them awake was a bit of a struggle!  We got very close to our neighborhood, and then we were stopped because there was an accident on the two lane road that left it completely blocked off (everyone seemed to be okay).  I thought that we were going to have to turn all the way around, but a Good Samaritan was standing in his driveway with a flashlight.  He stopped us to share an alternate route and we were back on our way. I was so thankful that he was there to help!

First I want to share this little itty bitty on Christmas Eve morning.  She is in teething mode, so she really likes her teether.  Of course her big sister prefers it when she wears it as a crown!
Once the kids changed into their Christmas pajamas, we set out cookies and milk for Santa.  And carrots for the reindeer.  Which can apparently be food for both "real" and fake reindeer.
We tried to get the kids to take pictures together before we threw the "reindeer food" they made at school over the yard.  Hudson wanted no part of the group pictures.

And Reese apparently felt like throwing gang signs at the camera.  She's so thug in her "I love Santa" pajamas and her Christmas tutu.
(Yes, Dad, I do in fact know that I ruined a perfectly good picture with my brothers by making this exact same face. The picture is still hanging up in your house).
After she got that out of her system, she decided to give us a smile.
Each of the boys has a Rudolph, and both girls have a Clarice.  My mom took Huddoo to make his this year, and when the Clarices sold out, she actually ordered Finley one on Ebay!  The kids love them so much, though.  We definitely don't say good bye to them after Christmas.
They don't look at the camera at the same time, but they're adorable!
After pictures, the boys settled down to watch one last Christmas show before bed while Reese read a book.  Excuse the blurriness, it was dark and I was feeding Finley, so I couldn't get up.  I just thought it was a sweet moment between the brothers.

This is our living room...at 4AM.  I took a power nap from 9 to 10, and Brian started the wrapping process.  Fortunately I had finished the big kids' gifts, but Hudson and Finley's gifts both needed to be wrapped.  I was completely exhausted from staying up until 2 or 3 the previous three nights, and I needed that sleep!  Fortunately I was able to power through so we could finish up the presents. Brian did the stockings while I cleaned and started breakfast, and we were done!
We looked at the scrapbook that was a part of his proposal on Christmas Eve seven years ago, and then we headed off to bed.   
The TV was our gift to each other.  Typically we buy individual gifts, but this year we really wanted to get a TV for our room.  The budget for that television was taken when we had to buy a new TV for our living room in July, thanks to our crazy two year old and his Elmo guitar.  He would also be the reason that our tree is only half decorated!  I'd rather leave it bare than let him throw ornaments around.  Brian and I were able to fit in three whole hours of sleep before we were forced out of bed by the kids!

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