Sunday, February 10, 2013


You don't really know when your little boy isn't going to seem as little anymore.  

For me, it was kind of unexpected.  I mean, I know he's 5, and I know that kids usually start losing their teeth around 5.  But he's still so little, right?  It doesn't seem like it was almost 6 years ago that I wasn't a mom yet.  I read books.  I talked to my friends.  For goodness sake, I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me.  I knew what it was like to be around little kids.

But oh boy, did my firstborn change what I thought I knew.

He is smart.  Like, a kind of smart I don't remember being as a kid, and I'm pretty sure that I was smart.  The child can talk to me about Iguanadons, baseball, and every kind of animal.  In a two minute  span.  He is active, in a way that I definitely wasn't expecting.  He is always on the move.  There's no sitting down for this guy.

When he discovered his first loose tooth (and really, there were two), I was excited for him. I asked him every day how loose it was.  Did he want me to try to get it?  Nope.  He wanted to do it himself when the time was right.

So we waited.  And I took a few last pictures of my boy with his smile.  The smile that is bright and fun and well, adorable.

And we waited for that tooth to come out.  That same tooth.  The one that had him crying for weeks when he was a baby.  It kept us up for a night or two.  We were so excited to see it pop up and break through the gum.  He was getting older!  Bigger!  He had his first tooth!

And now he's bigger. Almost 6! And his first tooth is gone.
It's crazy how much older he seems with a tooth out of that mouth!

What I love about him losing his tooth?  That it was done (as almost everything is with Wyatt) under his conditions.  He pulled it out.  Actually, he "twisted it until it just, came out" while he was watching TV Tuesday morning!

What I don't love about it?  My baby boy is getting bigger.  Right now a tooth is gone.  Another one is going to fall out any day now.  In a few months he won't be going to school for just 3 hours every weekday.  He'll be gone for the whole day.   Just, crazy.

We were able to put his tooth in the snazzy new tooth fairy pillow that I made last week.   There was some tooth drama.  He needed to see it after he got home from school, and then it disappeared!  I was on my hands and knees all afternoon looking for it, but I was finally able to find it. 
The tooth fairy brought him $5 because it was his first tooth.  I think the going rate for the rest will be right around $1!

I know that he really is getting bigger every day, but seeing that gap where that little tooth used to be is going to take some getting used to.   And by the time I'm used to it, another bigger tooth is going to right there in it's place.

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