Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project 365: Week 5

Tuesday, January 29
Hanging out in her hoodie
 Wednesday, January 30
You can tell this kid is Wyatt's brother.  When Wyatt goes to school, Hudson's first instinct is to take his helmet, his "hockey stick," and his puck over.  Cracks me up!
 Thursday, January 31
Love these girls!
 Friday, February 1
How I survived an afternoon with a teething baby who refused to nap.  My Moby Wrap, her Sophie, and (eventually) a sleeping baby.  I love watching her sleep!
 Saturday, February 2
Watching Caillou together.  Seriously, these kids all still love Caillou (or "Cashew" as Hudson calls him).  Wyatt protests and pretends like he doesn't want to watch it, but it is one of the only shows that they all watch quietly!
 Sunday, February 3
Brian went to his parents' house with the big kids, and I stayed home with the little kids.  This is how Hudson plays - toys, food, orange juice - while he sits on the table!
 Monday, February 4
Wyatt got his twelfth reader on Friday - he's hard at work reading!

And just a few more:
Hanging out with my baby girl
Our new playroom wall.  The oil pan was on Pinterest, and my sister in law April also set it up for Mason a few months ago!  Such a fun way for Hudson to play since we don't have a place for his magnets.  The map was all Wyatt's idea.  He learned about children around the world at school last month, and he's been really into studying the map!
 Holding hands while they watch "Fia" together.
 Huddoo coloring his Spiderman coloring book.

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  1. My boys love Caillou also. I'm okay with that, it's a sweet show.
    Here's hoping Finley (and YOU) get some relief from teething!