Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year.  Reese had her party at school on Wednesday, and Wyatt had his party yesterday.

The boys before school.  Wyatt's shirt cracks me up. Mainly because this kid is all about NOT getting married when he grows up.  He says he wants to live with us forever (including college - ha!).  I have terrible visions of that kid who grows up and lives in his parents' basement playing video games and eating pizza all the time!
Our sweet girls.
I was cleaning our bathroom (sooooo romantic), and I saw this little sweetie napping in the corner of our bedroom. 
Brian and I weren't necessarily prepared for the day, so we both took individual trips to the store during the day.  Wyatt got new Star Wars fighter bots, Hudson got some trains, and Reese and Finley both got flowers (and Reese got a Leap Pad game).  

Brian and I tucked the kids in bed early, ordered some sushi, and watched American Idol.  Ha!
And I know this is now three pictures of this little girl, but it was her first Valentine's Day.  Had to commemorate it right?  Love this smile!

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