Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project 365: Week 6

Tuesday, February 5
Wyatt lost his first tooth!  (and I broke my toe going out to check it out.  Ouch.)
 Wednesday, February 6
Hudson spent the day with my mom on Tuesday.  After his haircut she took him to Target to buy Peter  Pan...and this gigantic Simba.  He goes everywhere with us right now.  He's bigger than Hudson.
 Thursday, February 7
The boys cuddled up watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  I love that Wyatt still loves the same shows as his little brother.  I know that at (almost) 6 there are lots of other options for him, but I'm thankful that instead of the latest version of Star Wars or the latest fad non-educational show, he's still fine watching Dinosaur Train and Martha Speaks or even Caillou and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 Friday, February 8
Baby girl in her exersaucer before bed.
 Saturday, February 9
Cuddled up watching Toy Story 3.  Brian usually sheds a few tears at the end of this one!
 Sunday, February 10
The kids were in the window waving to Baba, and Reese started dancing.  Am I the only person who hears "What A Feeling" playing in her head when she sees this?
 Monday, February 11
Wyatt's second tooth fell out!  After I got all sad and teary eyed about the loss of the first one, I'm finding it harder to be sad when he is so genuinely excited!

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  1. I love it! I heard What a Feeling too! I got teary eyed when Mary-Kate lost her first tooth! They grow up too fast!