Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project 365: Week 7

Tuesday, February 12
Hanging out with Finley before bed.  
Wednesday, February 13
The kids had pizza for dinner.  I'm sure it's not obvious by looking at Hudson's face. 
Thursday, February 14
Sweet girl sleeping on Valentine's Day
Friday, February 15
This girl is full of personality.  Full of it!
Saturday, February 16
Hudson rocking the batting glove and the train conductor hat.
Sunday, February 17
Wyatt and Reese come to our bed every night.  I actually protest this.  I mean, I think it's sweet that they come to our room, and they look adorable when they're sleeping, but they actually come and cuddle with Brian.  And I get kicked all night.  I would prefer that they stayed in their own rooms so I could get some sleep.  
Monday, February 18
Speaking of rooms, I spent (what felt like) the entire weekend cleaning and organizing Wyatt's room.  We're making room for his little brother to become his room mate, so this dresser had to be moved next to Wyatt's bed so that Hudson's crib could take up it's space.  I am anxious to get these kids moved so Finley can have her own room (and space!), but I have no idea how these boys sharing a room is going to work out!

And two more...
Reese and Brian make Sunday morning Wawa runs for breakfast.  This was her Wawa get up yesterday.
Doesn't Finley look excited to be headed to Wyatt's basketball game on Saturday?  Every day is busy for this Baby-On-The-Go!


  1. Soo cute!! Finley's hat is adorable!

  2. Uhm...what are wawas? LOL
    LOVE the pics of Hudson. That pizza must have been tasty!