Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Our weekend was kind of uneventful. 

Hudson spent lots of time with his buddy Simba.  My mom bought him a new one when she took him for the day last week.  This guy is big, and he's Hudson's new BFF.
 We spent Saturday morning running errands, and then Wyatt had a basketball game. During nap time.  
His buddy Jack from soccer was on the other team.  They were excited to see each other.
 My little ball handler.  Two more baskets this week, and there was less, um, defensive play.  That's always a bonus!
 Since Wyatt's game started so late, we decided we would let the kids stay up and put them to bed early.  They tried to play outside, but the wind was too strong.  They decided to have a movie day instead.  They all went to bed nice and early though!

Brian had two hockey games this weekend, so I spent my Friday and Saturday night curled up on the couch watching The West Wing.  And actually looking through my pins for ideas!  Ha!  Who does that!?!

Sunday was a lazy day.

Some of us were teething.
 Wyatt, Reese, and Hudson were all able to go outside and play for a little bit.. It was so funny to watch Hudson's smile when he tried to keep up with the big kids.  He had such a good time!

We finished Sunday night with a "movie night."  Mulan came on Disney Junior, and I made the kids popcorn.  Hudson had some for the first time (after I combed through it for loose kernels) and he loved it.
Of course, The Walking Dead returned from it's winter hiatus, so Brian had his own agenda after the kids went to bed.  Ha!

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