Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Weekend

Last weekend was fun and busy!  Finley's sleeping has been, um, not good, so my sweet husband let me sleep in.  There were some morning cuddles on the couch while I got some extra sleep!
Uncle Marc, Aunt April, and Mason came to visit.  They moved to Richmond, so we'll be able to see each other more often!  We haven't seen them since June (!),  and it was so fun to watch the kids hang out.  April sent me these pictures, and I think you can tell by their profiles that these little boys are cousins!
Playing - Wyatt is showing Uncle Marc his Leap Pad!
Reesie always likes to "help" the littler kids.  Sometimes it goes over well, sometimes it doesn't :).  Hudson is still walking around saying "Uncle Marc tickle me!"
Next up was a basketball game for the big guy - he got two baskets!
Brian took the big kids to see a live Scooby Doo show that afternoon, and I cleaned and watched The West Wing while the little kids napped.  Since I discovered it on Netflix, I've been a little obsessed.  But I loved that show!  I used to seclude myself in my door room with my friend Ilana on Wednesday nights to watch it!

We spent all day Sunday getting ready for our Super Bowl "party." We started having a few friends come over to watch the game before we got married, and now they come over - and bring their kids.  I'm pretty sure there's more child wrangling than game watching now, but we all had fun.

These little girls spent the game coloring in Reese's room.  They all had lots of fun.  Reese has already asked me when she's having another play date with Natalie and Audrey!

Everyone left during the "blackout," but Wyatt somehow managed to stay awake until the end of the game!  Amazing.  This kid loves some football.  Really, he loves every sport and could watch and play them all.  He actually prefers to watch and play at the same time.  My living room doubles as a football field, hockey rink, baseball field, and basketball court.  He never slows down!

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