Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hudson's Simb-sessed

Over the last few weeks Hudson has become obsessed with The Lion King.  Once we get settled after we drop the big kids off at school, the very first things he does is ask to watch "Simba."

He also uses his time alone to sneak into his brother's room to steal his Simba stuffed animals.  Then he cuddles with them on the couch while he watches the movie.  He loves to shout the names of the animals at the beginning, and claps when "Circle of Life" ends. Then he narrates the movie for me.  "Simba funny!  Simba sad!  Mean Scar!  Mean!"

 Two year old boys don't have a reputation for sitting still, so he does move his viewing party to the playroom so he can play trains and watch the movie at the same time.
I don't really remember Wyatt or Reese being as interested in a movie when they were two, but Huddoo is obsessed.  He helped me clean the playroom last night, and he found his small Scar "action figure."  He held it up high in the air, pretended like it was fighting something, let it go and then shouted, "Nooooooo," while it fell.  Then he looked at me and said, "Scar died."

Two other things Hudson has been saying lately that have been cracking us up:
When he's stuck and needs help: "NOBODY!  HELP ME!"
When the big kids follow me upstairs to get him in the morning or after his nap: "No kids!  Go kids!  Huddoo and Mommy! SELF!"
I think that's his nice way of saying "Leave me and Mommy alone!"

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  1. He is too cute! My two year old has gotten into princess movies. She wants us to call her Sleeping Beauty. She is a beauty, but doesn't sleep. Ha!