Friday, April 4, 2008

Not So Much to do with Wyatt...

NBC announced the other day that the network will partner with DirectTV and bring Friday Night Lights back for a third season. It's probably the best show on television that isn't being watched by a lot of people. The first season of the show was PHENOMENAL. Brian and I actually watched the very first episode of the show while we were on the "Second leg" of our honeymoon in Orlando. When the cruise finished up I had a little cold, and while we were at the hotel he forced me to watch it, and I really liked it. It honestly felt like I was watching a show that legitimately presented the issues that people dealt with in a small, football obsessed Texas town. We recorded the next few episodes on our DVR and finally watched like 6 at one time (the things you can do before you have kids) and we were hooked. Anyway, the second season this year was still really good (Brian liked it less because there wasn't as much focus on football), but there was a little less "realism" this season. They're promising that next season will be better, but unless you have DirectTV it will be next January before it comes on. Anyway, it's just something that I'm really excited about and thought I would share.

And if you would like to watch some episodes, you can at the link above.

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