Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Few More Antics

So over the last few days, Wyatt has been having a blast playing with his toys and keeping himself entertained in general. He's been playing his new drums (he can actually keep a pretty good beat), playing with his new Wonder Pets Flyboat, and finding new things to do to get into trouble.

When Wyatt got his Flyboat, which comes complete with Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming, he was actually a little starstruck. There is no other way to describe the way he just stared at the three Wonder Pets in awe. Wyatt LOVES the Wonder Pets. It's the only TV Show that actually captures his attention. We have the Wonder Pets CD in the car, and Brian and I both actually have the Wonder Pets song as our ring tone on our cell phones. How appropriate is "The phone, the phone is ringing..." as a ring tone? Wyatt even dances to the ring tones. But I digress. When he finally started playing with his toys he had fun, and I believe that they've been chucked across the room several times now. I'm not sure that they're sturdy enough to take the beating though. More importantly, the Flyboat's sail is detachable (pretty smart, because a kid could probably pull it off if it weren't), and Wyatt now uses the Flyboat "base" as a skateboard.

Last but not least, Wyatt now finds hanging out under the kitchen table to be a hoot. He pretty much spent all evening there. I saw his teeth go into the wood on one kitchen chair, at which point Brian joked that I should call an adoption agency because I gave our cat away to a good home because she was eating the kitchen table (it was brand new). However, that was not the only reason. She was sleeping in the crib, bothering the dog, and SOMEONE never cleaned the litter box. Anyway, we will not be giving Wyatt up for adoption. He won't hurt the wood and he just looks so cute playing under there.

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