Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wyatt the Big Brother

Today we took Wyatt to Babies R Us so that we could register for the new baby. It's a little early, but I knew that Brian wanted to have some say in her stuff (although he has given me last say over everything since he got it with Wyatt) and his days of availability are dwindling. He takes more time off than he has before, but his idea of a fun day off does not include shopping. Typical male. We obviously still have Wyatt's stuff, but there are certain things that we got that just weren't what we expected or we just found out we really needed and didn't get, so we need some new "gear."

Wyatt picked out a pink pacifier pod for his little sister (one that I believe his baby cousin on the way has as well), and an Elmo towel for himself. He also had a hand in selecting a pink corn popper just like his blue one. As you'll see below, he also played a large part in picking out his little sister's furniture. We bought Wyatt furniture that isn't "little" like a lot of baby furniture and it will also convert all the way to a double bed. So, rather than keep his furniture a "nursery set" it will be Wyatt's furniture for life, and she'll get her own lifetime furniture as well. Either way, one of these kids would be getting new furniture, and I've always had my heart set on white for a little girl. Hers will also convert - but a plus - it also becomes a day bed (which I always wanted when I was a little girl) and then it becomes a double bed. Anyway, Wyatt made sure to inspect the brochure very carefully before any big decisions were made!

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  1. You've got to love that kid! He takes every job so seriously but seems to have such a great time doing it. What a lesson for the grownups.