Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not Sick Anymore!

Saturday was the first day since Tuesday that Wyatt woke up without a fever! He started his day the very best way (in his opinion), by sitting in his high chair and staring out the window at the "Duck-a" in the pool. When he wakes up in the morning the very first thing he says when he comes downstairs is "Duck-a". Every once in a while he gets it right and just says "Duck." The only problem is that if these ducks keep doing their business in my backyard they're going to be gone. We already have enough "business" back there courtesy of Noelle.

Speaking of our sweet girl, she got a new dog bed this week. Noelle isn't really the kind of girl who adjusts to change or new things well, so she hasn't warmed up to the bed yet. Wyatt, on the other hand, has warmed up to the bed nicely. It's his new favorite placed to fall back on, to walk on, to jump off of, and to chuck his Wonder pets onto.

Very appropriately wearing his "blame the dog" shirt and showing off Tuck and LinnyWhat's wrong with this picture?
Just chillin'!
After his afternoon hangout session on the dog bed, he had spaghetti for the first time. He didn't seem to like it at first, but then he became a big fan!

After lunch, he thought that playing Madden '08 on the Nintendo Wii looked like fun. So, just to pass the hint onto Daddy, he went ahead and grabbed the game and the controller and played with them.

"What Mom? Dad said I could play with it!"

"How do you turn this thing on?"Getting into the action...even though the game wasn't on...
Today Wyatt is looking forward to figuring out how he can finally get the Guitar Hero guitar in his possession, and going to Grammy and Grandpa's for the baby shower for his Aunt and baby cousin!

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