Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hopefully Not Sick Little Guy

Wyatt's had some drainage coming out of his eyes over the last few days. It started in his right eye, and I tried really hard to stay on top of washing his hands if he rubbed it, but now his left eye is starting to look the same. For some reason he also slept really restlessly last night, which is totally unlike him. The Nurse at the Pediatrician today got us a prescription for eye drops, but they will only work if it's viral not if it's a bacterial"thing." We're hoping this eye thing isn't the sign of a developing cold or anything. But the world is covered in pollen right now, so it could always just be allergies. We're going to hope he's just getting some allergies and not a cold! Either way, he has his one year well baby check up on Monday so we'll find out soon enough I suppose!

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