Monday, April 7, 2008

1 Year Well Baby Check Up

Today Wyatt had his well baby check up. We really like our Pediatrician Practice, Pediatrics at the Beach , and we especially like his Doctor. My sister has gone to the same practice for the last 13 years, and I've had to take her to a few appointments, so I knew they were good when we picked them. Even though the practice is fairly large, Wyatt has seen Dr. Jones for all his well baby check ups since he was in the hospital. And it's really easy to get him in for appointments if he's feeling under the weather since there are so many Doctors.

Anyway, Wyatt was immediately entertained when we walked into the exam room by the doctor's rolly chair. We literally had to continually distract him until the doctor came in.

Wyatt's Stats 
25.3 pounds (80th percentile)
and 29.5 inches long (45th percentile)
I'm not worried about the height because he continually grows, so there's no reason to stress out about it now.

The downside of today's appointment was the shots. Three shots and a toe prick to test to make sure he's getting the right nutrition, which he is. Wyatt did not enjoy the shots at all. Let's just say that I couldn't even watch because he was screaming so loud, but that's the good thing about Daddy. He can stand and watch Wyatt take the shots so I don't have to.

Wyatt also got his haircut for the second time today. I didn't take any pictures, especially since a hair cut at Great Clips will never ever live up to his first hair cut at the Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It's kind of short, so we're going to postpone his one year pictures until next week so it can grow out a bit.

Since I didn't take pictures today, here are some of Wyatt's first haircut at Disney World.

The pre-cut shot
Excited to get his haircut?
Trying to figure out what is going on!
Getting his ears. They even say "First Haircut on the back! (And of course we got "Wyatt" ears too, so if anyone has ideas about what to do with 2 sets of Mickey Ears, let me know!)
With Mommy in front of the barbershop. He was so exhausted he passed out as soon as we put him in the stroller and he slept through Chip & Dale!

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