Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Little Rule Breaking Acrobat

Wyatt's been really interested in the entertainment center lately. He likes to press buttons, inspect video game systems and play with the cable box. He's also recently become a big fan of trying to get behind the entertainment center, which we don't encourage because of the wires and cables back there. I think what he's really trying to get to is Brian's guitar for guitar hero, but that might just be me! He keeps trying to find different ways to maneuver himself back there, whether it's getting on the fireplace to find a work-around or just knocking down the basket that blocks his entrance. We have constant go 'rounds that involve me trying to divert his attention away, and it's usually successful. If I'm folding laundry or not paying direct attention to him, he goes over just to test me ("Is she paying attention? I'll find out...."). I don't know if he was showing off for Daddy or what, but he found a new and different way to get back there the other day.

He thinks he figured it out!

Try and stop me! This is fun!

Okay, okay, I'll come out now!

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