Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So, Now he's sick.

Today Wyatt woke up with a fever. I wasn't concerned because it's a common occurrence on the day after he has shots, but I felt terrible because on the days of the week when Brian's Mom comes to our house to watch him I leave for work about a half hour to an hour before he wakes up. *On a side note, I also feel bad for myself those days because I really hate waking up 2 and a half hours earlier than I do on the days I stay home with him.* Anyway, Wyatt decided to super sleep in until 8:10 this morning, and when Brian went to go wake him up he was warm and had a fever of 100.5 (Brian is currently guaranteeing me that he took that temperature after Wyatt had something to drink, so when he woke up it was probably higher).

He was still in pretty good spirits throughout the day, but would get cranky if something terrible happened to him (he dropped a toy and had a break down). After his three hour afternoon nap, which was also unusual, he had a fever of 101.9. I was in a meeting at work and wasn't near my phone, so the pressure fell on Brian to call the Pediatrician. They just said that if it lasts for three days or spikes to 105 to go the ER, but other than that just give him Tylenol. Anyway, I'm hoping he wakes up feeling better tomorrow....

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  1. Hope he feels better! I think it is normal for after shots, but who knows. Secret tip - Colin's dr. always told us to give him tylenol or motrin an hour before he got his shots - he was always a little sleepier and didn't fuss as much - oh, he cried, but I did notice a difference and the pain was subsided a little bit.