Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Few Things from Tonight

*We took Wyatt on a walk and he was in a good mood when we got home. Brian was playing with him on the floor and Wyatt went over to the couch. Wyatt then hit Brian on the head with a pillow...you may have had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

*My husband actually just said to me "Babe, don't make me spill this, you'll have to clean it up," and then followed it up with "When I first heard Andrew Lloyd Webber was going to be on American Idol tonight, I was like, the architect? Why?"

*Seriously, who picked Andrew Lloyd Webber for American Idol tonight? BORING! I'm only interested in listening to Broadway if I'm in a Broadway theater. Or it's Les Mis. I can listen to Les Mis anywhere.

*And who likes David Archuleta? I am so over this kid and his "I just love blah, blah, blah, it so inspirational. It just inspires me." I'm also over the teenage girls who have crushes on him. Note to the ladies, he wants to be your best friend and he wants to take your brother to prom.

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