Monday, April 21, 2008

Wyatt at the Park

Late Saturday afternoon Brian and I decided to take Wyatt to the park. I never really thought about it before I had a kid (even when I was a kid myself), but we really are lucky to live in a city where practically every neighborhood has its own park and there are various larger parks scattered throughout the city.

Anyway, we took Wyatt to one of the larger parks so he could play and run around. First we took him to what looked like a "toddler park" because everything there was his size. He liked the teeter totter, but more to climb and balance on than to actually do any teetering or tottering. The slide is also a favorite of his, but not to ride down. He instead prefers to climb up the slide. Wyatt also enjoyed picking up the sticks on the ground and then banging them against the ground. Who wouldn't love that? We then walked him over to a volleyball court where he walked around in the sand and chased after Daddy. They also kicked the soccer ball around a bit.

Afterwards, we wanted to take him for ice cream, but it was dinner time so we went to Red Robin instead. This was the first time that Wyatt was able to eat when we went out to dinner together, and he really enjoyed his chicken fingers and mandarin oranges. He was also a very good boy at the table. As someone who waited tables for years, I can't express to you how irritated I used to get when people would bring their kids out to dinner and let them make a complete mess and then just walk away. Brian and I both tip really well (the only requirement - refill our drinks please), but I don't even think a good tip justifies letting your kid make a mess and doing nothing about it. I'm not saying ask for a broom (like I've done) and sweep it up, but at the very least, organize the mess on the table and get what you can up from the floor.

After dinner it was getting late so we made a stop at the Home Depot to pick up a sprinkler battery and to look at some colors for the baby's room and came home, so no ice cream for Wyatt. He'll have to try it a different day...

climbing up the slide

walking across the bridge with Daddy

I don't know what was going on here.....

Happy Little Fella

Talking to Daddy

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