Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Wedding Weekend: Before the Wedding

We had a lot to do on Saturday. My sister and I had hair and makeup appointments in the afternoon, so I left the kids with Brian. As soon as Katie and I got in the car from the hair place it started raining! We were pretty bummed, but hopeful it would stop before the ceremony!

We got to my parents house at 3:00 so that Wyatt could get his pictures taken with the guys. With the exception of trying the tux on at the shop, he hadn't really worn it yet. He wasn't too excited about it. I'm not sure they even got any pictures of him! The pictures were supposed to be taken outside, but it was still raining! When we got there Marc told me that as far as he was concerned, he was still planning a beach wedding!
Wyatt in his tux! It was a little big. The 2T was too small but the 3T was a little too big. Such is life.
He put his fireman outfit on over his tux. I think he looks like a little Colonial boy, with the exception of the fire extinguisher and the ax.
Marc with the Dads and the Groomsmen. Our brother Matt is to his left, and our Dad is on his right. 4 of the guys have been his best friends since they were kids, and 2 of them are friends of his from VMI.
Reese eating before the ceremony!
Mommy and Reesie!
After we left my parents house (around 4:00, and it was still raining), Brian dropped me off at the condos right next to the beach. I got ready with everyone so we could get our pictures taken. April was the last to put her dress, and I'm not kidding you, as soon as she got the dress on, it cleared up and the sun came out! We all grabbed beers and went out to the beach (where the sand wasn't even wet) and got pictures taken.
By the time the pictures were done it was time to head over for the wedding! I felt terrible the entire time we were getting pictures taken because I knew that Brian was over getting the kids ready all by himself in the parking lot. When we got over there I saw him carrying the kids over and they looked perfect! He did a great job getting them ready for their Uncle Marc and Aunt Apple's big day!

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