Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hanging out with a Lemur!

The kids and I went back to the Waterpark on Tuesday evening with Katie. I can't handle them both by myself! I like going late in the day because it's pretty empty. When I worked there, I always tried to get a spot that would put me in the kiddie area pretty early in the day, and then late in the day. That way I was never lifeguarding the kiddie section during peak "child" hours!

Bixby (the guy that does the Rainforest Show) walks his Lemur, Maddy, twice a day. We were there during one of the walks, so we went to the back to see her. Wyatt had a really great time watching her walk around and crawl up things. He loves Zoboomafoo, so he was really excited to meet a lemur. Although he did ask me where Martin and Chris were!

Wyatt and Daddy
Here's Maddy!
Splashing around by the Pirate Ship!

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