Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Monday at the Zoo!

Brian had the day off on Monday. When he told me he had the day off I was pretty surprised because he never gets days off this early in the season, but I was really excited. We had Reese's doctor's appointment in the morning, but we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. Since we hadn't been to the zoo in awhile, we decided to take the kids.

As usual, the zoo was a hit. We got to ride the train. We hadn't been through the (icky) barnyard in awhile so we started there. Wyatt loves the barn animals, and the peacock was especially loud that day. He had a great time watching it. He also got to pet the (disgusting) goat. We went through the snake exhibit (which always makes me think of Harry Potter, and all I do is worry that there is a wizard around who speaks Parseltongue who will cause the glass to disappear and the snakes to slide out. What? There aren't really wizards?)

We went to the African exhibit next and had an unfortunate occurrence. Wyatt was walking and fell down, and got his first set of scraped knees. He only cried a little bit, but with the memory this kid has, we're going to hear about this every time we pass that spot. Seriously. Wyatt talked about it for the rest of the day. And Brian kept saying "Wyatt! Do you know how much you can get for a slip and fall?"

Reese had a lot of fun watching all the animals, she was definitely more responsive than she was the last time we visited. Her favorite animals were the prairie dogs. There were little baby prairie dogs playing in front of her and she was in a daze watching them. She fell asleep before we even got the car. Wyatt was out before we got to the highway. We had a really great day.
Wyatt checking out the peacock
Petting the goats
The peacock
Wyatt and Reese watching the prairie dogs
Wyatt and Daddy watching the bald eagles
Reese and I were there!
Reese eating her stroller straps
Watching the elephants
Looking for the lions

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