Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We had an absolutely fantastic Father's Day at the Waterpark! Brian was able to spend time with us and watch Wyatt play (although he was bummed that he couldn't actually play too).

Brian's parents were there too, and we all had a really great cabana to hang out in. The cabanas are new (within the last two years), and I think they were a brilliant idea (but I am biased). They get rented out daily, and they provide cover from the sun and comfy seating, plus somebody waits on you. Its so perfect for people with little ones!

Wyatt went down the slide with me at first, but he got over that really fast. I started walking him to the top and then going down in front of him to catch him. He really liked being a little independent and he had a lot of fun. Its crazy to me that 10 years ago (WOW) working in the kiddie section was the biggest headache in the world, but now its the only place I hang out! One of our neighbors was working in the section and I asked him if he had a headache yet. Even Wyatt was shouting "Walk Please!" by the end of the day!

There's a live show about Rainforest Preservation at the park right now featuring all kinds of animals, so we went and watched it. We also got an awesome behind the scenes look at the animals and Wyatt even got to feed two of them. I'll have to post that video later.

We stayed at the park through naptime and by the time we left both kids were conked out! They fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when we got to my parents' house. We had a great dinner there, and then came home in time to greet Brian.

This was his Father's Day present (one of them anyway). Wyatt colored it all by himself, but I did the writing of course!
Wyatt's first slide ride of the day was with me. It didn't take too long before I heard "Nope. No Momma. Wyatt gonna do it." So I would wait for him at the bottom!
Reese has a great new hat! It is really fantastic for keeping the sun off of her face and back.
Here's Reese going down her very first water slide!
Wyatt sliding all by himself!
Reese fell asleep in the cabana!
A very happy little boy hanging out with Daddy and eating chicken.

Reese and Daddy
Wyatt and Daddy watching some water slides in their matching shirts.
Mommy and Reese!

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