Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Wedding Weekend: The Wedding

So the weather cleared up and it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. We all walked from one side of the dunes to the beach, where they had chairs set up. Marc's friend Donnie (who was also a groomsman) played the guitar while everyone walked down the aisle. He did a great job! Wyatt wouldn't walk down the aisle on his own, so Brian walked with him. Once they sat down Wyatt started talking, "Momma alright? What's Momma doing?" So they went and sat down in the back. At one point we all had to repeat after the Pastor and I guess with all of us talking it was a pretty deep sound. Wyatt looked at Brian and said "What's that Daddy? Cookie Monster?"
Most of these pictures were taken by my cousin Lisa. She takes some pretty great pictures!

Wyatt greeting Uncle Marc
Walking by the fellas
Walking with Daddy
Here's April and her Dad!
There's my nephew Charlie with his little bow tie on! Isn't he precious?
Some of the guys! All of the guys!
The Ladies!
They had Unity Sand since it would be difficult to light a candle on the beach.
Hanging out in the ocean!
Daddy and Wyatt
Our family!
Didi, Pop Pop and the kids!