Sunday, June 7, 2009


On Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to my little cousin's graduation party with my Mom. We had fun hanging out with my family, and Wyatt even called my grandfather Pucka, "Chewpucka." He might have Star Wars on the brain! Anyway, we got ready to go and I unlocked the car and got Reese strapped in her car seat. While I was doing all this I started the car with the remote start key to start the AC. I then threw my keys up to the front seat. I was distracted because my little girl was looking at me like this...

So I shut the car door and grabbed Wyatt from my Mom to put him in the car. Except...the doors were locked! I am such a freaking idiot. When I start the car with the remote start it automatically locks the doors. I usually unlock it as soon as I start it if I'm standing at the car, but yesterday I didn't. And then I shut the door and locked my baby in the car! The only good thing in the situation was that the car was on and the AC was running.
Fortunately enough, I come from a family full of firefighters (nope, not just my Dad) and police. I asked my uncle to call an engine company to come unlock the car, but he said Pop-a-Lock is faster. He called them and they were literally there in 10 minutes. I was freaking out the entire time, especially as I listened to my family members (who'd all come to the car to watch me freak out) tell me about the things they'd done to their kids that were worse than this. Reese fell asleep while we were waiting for them to get there, and she slept until we got home. The Pop-a-Lock service was even free because my kid was locked in the car.
I swear I'm never going to do something this stupid again!

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