Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like Father, Like Son....at the Mall?

Yesterday (on my husband's only day off this week), we went to the mall. Brian hates the mall, but we had to go. My little (okay, he's only 11 months younger. And he's taller than me) brother is getting married this weekend, and we needed wedding and rehearsal dinner attire. We went shopping at Macy's for Brian's Polo shirts and Old Navy for Wyatt's Polo shirts. At this point (an hour into our shopping trip), I decided that I wanted to get all my jewelry cleaned since we were standing right by Helzburg.

The boys decided to take this opportunity to get the heck out of Dodge. Brian looked at me and said "Wyatt and I are going to run down to Dick's if that's okay." I agreed. I didn't need two rambunctious boys watching and waiting for my rings to get cleaned!

The boys were gone for awhile...Reese and I ended up sitting on a bench waiting for them to come back. And then I saw them. And then I heard "Mommy! Mommy, we looked at the baseball stuff!" This is what my boys were doing...
Wyatt asked to put on the catcher's helmet. And then he said "Daddy gonna put catcher's helmet on too?"
Wyatt's the catcher!
And finally he's up to the plate!
I'm pretty sure the boys thought that we were done at this point...but I still needed to find a dress. Fortunately it took me about 10 minutes (The Loft is the only place that has dresses for short people...and I love it!) and we were good to go. Until Brian and I started talking about dinner and we heard this from the back seat "Wyatt's gonna go eat? Gonna go see the big bird? Get a balloon? Wyatt's gonna have grilled cheese and sit with Daddy?"
That's right. My two year old asked us to go to Red Robin. He identifies all of those things with the restaurant. And since Brian and I were already thinking it anyway, off we went!

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  1. For the record...that is not a catcher's mask...it is a batting helmet with a face shield. Girls!That's why we leave them at the jewelry store.