Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reese and Brooke

On Wednesday afternoon my friend Carolyn came over with her baby girl Brooke. Brooke is a year old (her birthday was Tuesday), and I know that she and Reese will be great friends, just like their mommies. Unfortunately, Carolyn lives in Knoxville (it's better than Utah where she was before), so we don't get to see the girls too much. I don't think they'll be moving back anytime soon either because Carolyn's husband works in mines, and we don't have any around here! But both sets of grandparents live here and when Carolyn gets breaks from teaching she usually comes here for a little bit. I'm hoping to one day make it to Tennessee...

The babies had a great time playing together. They shared toys, sippy cups, and they really enjoyed crawling around together. Wyatt was asleep, so we also avoided the tackling and ball throwing that is typically involved when he's present!

Playing with the cell phone
And the drums
Looking out the window. Reese is on her knees, she's not that short!

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