Friday, June 19, 2009

My Babies!

The kids are cracking me up lately. Wyatt is learning so much, and Reese is becoming so independent. Wyatt's new thing lately is singing. It started a few weeks ago with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." He then moved on to his ABC's and the theme song from The Wonder Pets. Lately he's been learning the words to everything. Caillou, Zaboomafoo, it doesn't matter, he sings it all!

Reese is just getting big! She's got two new teeth poking through, and they don't even seem to be bothering her. It's a little weird because they're not her top two middle teeth, they're the teeth next to them. Since she's going to be a whopping 10 months old next week I'm also in the process of weaning her. I have plenty of frozen milk in the fridge, so I'm giving her a sippy cup (I'm not even going to bother with bottles) of milk every afternoon. I'm completely eliminating her afternoon feeding session with me. I'm going through a little bit of pain right now every afternoon waiting for my milk production to slow down, but that's about it! She's doing really well cutting back. She still has a feeding in the morning when she wakes up and at night before bed, but I will slowly eliminate those before her first birthday. I've heard that breastfeeding helps you lose weight, and I believe that's true in the beginning, but right now I feel like my body is holding on to every pound in case of a famine or something! I want to be skinny again!

I'm not going to start giving her formula, the plan is to keep her on breast milk until the first year. I am not a breast feeding snob. I refuse to make what other people feed their kids my business. But for me, it's what works best. I read a study last week that said that the longer a baby is breastfed, the better the GPA. In a study of siblings, even one month made a .019 difference to the GPA! Looks like Reese is going to do better than Wyatt, because she's got a month on him now! I know it sounds great to say that I breastfeed solely because its good for the kids, but there is a financial aspect too. We're already spending a fortune on diapers and wipes (I simply refuse to put anything cheap on their bottoms, and cloth diapering is out of the question), and formula is expensive! If I formula fed I would have spent way too much money. And since I've been blessed with an abundance of milk, I feel like its my responsibility to save money where I can.

This weekend should be pretty fun. Tonight Tyler is coming over to play while his Mommy and Daddy work. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the kids in the pool at some point. And on Sunday we're going to the Waterpark to visit Daddy just like we did last year! I know Wyatt is going to have an absolute blast hanging out at Daddy's Work, so I'm really excited!

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