Friday, July 10, 2009

At the Waterpark

The kids and I went to the Waterpark on Wednesday after their naps. I love, love, love going late in the afternoon. The park isn't too crowded and the kiddie section empties out pretty early. There's a lot of space to play and no real lines to wait in. Katie went with us (I can't take care of them both by myself at the Waterpark), which was great because she's pretty tall. Wyatt really enjoys the grape escape, but the water is 5 feet deep...which means that I can't even stand up in the water! At 5'9 Katie can stand and walk, so she took him down the slide. I stood right there telling her to make sure she turned to the left as soon as she hit the pool. I can't tell you how many little kids I had to go in and get over the 5 year period that I worked there just because they couldn't fight the current, but it was a lot! Wyatt had a blast playing on the slides and in the wave pool, and he always gets a good night's sleep after we go there. In fact, he asks me practically every day if we're going. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's a ploy to see Daddy, or whether he really wants to go play!

Wyatt and Katie on the Grape Escape
Dancing in the wave pool

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