Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reese's Birthday Party

So I've been thinking a lot about Reese's birthday party over the last few weeks. I've narrowed down some of my preferences: I want it to be green and pink with yellow accents. And I know I want it to be more "homemade" than Wyatt's was. But that's where I'm kind of stuck. I can't decide if I want an actual "theme" or if I just kind of want it to be polka dots or what. I've been perusing the web and I've found a lot of great ideas on Etsy (and I just had one! Now I just have to put it into action), but I'm having trouble putting it all together. I think I'm going to start saving the things I like and printing them and make an inspiration board. Maybe that will help me get going!

My biggest problem is that I'm not crafty. I like to make things, but I'm never satisfied with how they turn out. I'm afraid that I'll put too much time into something and then be disappointed with it. One of my friends is hand making everything for her daughter's first birthday and I am very jealous. I wish I had that kind of creativity or inspiration. But let's just say that I use this blog (in part), because scrapbooking isn't fun for me. Hours and hours spent on one page....only to be let down. No thank you. But I think I'm going to get some advice, I'm going to give her a homemade birthday party. And I've only got a month to plan it!

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  1. Have you looked at ? Great way to quickly blog/save things you find online. Sort of like a virtual inspiration board.