Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ever Expanding Vocabulary

Wyatt's vocabulary is expanding everyday, and over the last few days he has been cracking Brian and I up with some of his new little phrases. A few things he's said lately:
Last night while eating his ice cream cone:
"It's perfect. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm."
This morning when he woke up:
"Hi Mommy. Where's Reesie Reesie? Gonna feed her and kick her?"
(For the record, I don't condone sibling abuse)
Today when I was laying on the floor he covered me up with a blanket and said:
"Night night Mommy. Have sweet dreams about Noelley watching you and tickling you and giving you kisses."
Tonight when I was tucking him in and a plane flew overhead:
Wyatt: "No. No planes?"
Me: "Sorry buddy. We live close to a huge jet base. I can't do anything about the planes."
Wyatt: "We're gonna move? Move away from the planes?"
He's so patriotic.

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