Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eleven Months Old!

Reese is eleven months old today! I can't believe that in one month she will be a one year old. Time is flying by, and she is learning more and more every day. This month she obviously hit her walking milestone, but she's doing so much more!

Her vocabulary is getting bigger every day. She can say "Mama" and "Dada," and the names of all of her grandparents. She's been waving and saying bye bye for about a week and a half. She's also added "doggie," "ball," and "book" to her vocabulary just in the last few days. Whenever she does something great she claps along with us and says "yay!" If she wants something she points to it, and she and Brian play a little game where they point to each other and laugh.

She isn't completely comfortable walking by herself, but she's been walking all over the house pushing her stroller or her horse, and currently she's pushing around a box of diapers!

Over the last month she has also completely weaned herself. We were down to one feeding at night before bed, but we've stopped. She was still interested for the most part, but she was becoming more and more distracted (by her brother). At this point she's still getting my pumped milk from the last few months, and we've introduced Enfamil Next Steps as well. She hasn't had any milk but mine since she was born, but she seems to like it. Good thing too, because it was a free can that came in the mail. I'm hoping to only have to buy one can before we make the switch to the Horizon Organic milk that Wyatt uses.

I'm kind of bummed that I'm no longer feeding her, but I also feel pretty good about. Like I said before, this is the first time since 2006 that I haven't been pregnant or breastfeeding. And I've already lost three pounds! I don't even feel as hungry now as I was when I was feeding her. I told Brian last night that I think I've lost my appetite!

I am really looking forward to watching how much more she learns in the next few months. Looking back, this period is when Wyatt's language and personality started shining, and I can't wait to see what that means for Reesie!

Preparations are underway for her first birthday party, but have to set a date. We want all of our friends and their kids to be able to come, and since some work the same crazy summer schedule that Brian does, we may have to wait until September to party! I think it would be nice to align her party with her coming home date from the NICU as well, but we'll have to see!

And here she is today at 10:07 when she turned 11 months old, playing with her horsie. She concentrates so hard on pushing this thing around the house!

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