Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

Don't get too excited...they aren't that deep...
  • My friend Jessica is coming to town in a few weeks. We are super excited to see her (in all her unplastic glory), but I am astounded as to why she is coming to town. She's planning our 10 year high school reunion! Am I seriously now almost 10 years removed from high school? Parts of it seem like so long ago, and other parts seem like just yesterday. It boggles my mind how quickly the time goes by....
  • I found out that I was pregnant with Wyatt three years ago tomorrow. That means three years ago right now I was gobsmacked with the idea that I might be pregnant. I was just sitting in my room watching Run's House. During the episode Justine found out she was pregnant, and during that episode there were probably about 5 commercials for pregnancy tests. At that point, I was pretty sure I was pregnant. And sure enough, I certainly was!
  • So as of tomorrow, I will have officially hit a three year period of sharing my body. That's between being pregnant twice and breastfeeding...with no breaks in between. I was still breastfeeding Wyatt when I got pregnant with Reese, with no break. I am counting down the days until she is done (and she's pretty much almost done)!
  • Do you know how stressful it is getting your house ready to sell? There are lists and lists of things to be done...we're tackling it day by day. Yesterday I dug up a dead tree and today I weeded the edges of the flower bed (it's a really big bed). I have blisters on my fingers, but it looks so much better. Now we just need to re-mulch and plant some shrubbery (that's just the one bed, there's so much more to do)!
  • Looking at houses is not as stressful. When I was a little girl I used to design houses on notebook and decorate them in my head (except we didn't have Pottery Barn catalogues...I used the JC Penney's catalogue). I love the idea of moving and starting from scratch and bringing nothing in that doesn't need to be there. So fun!
  • When I was at JMU I lived on the best hall ever (7C!). We had a blast, and we sang a lot. We had major karaoke jam sessions (with remixes :)), and there are a lot of songs that remind me of those fun times. And I heard a lot of them today, and it brought back the best memories. Fun times!

And that's all I've got. I told you it wasn't going to be anything too deep....

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  1. Heck yeah 7C! I hear "7C" songs all the time...probably because we had a million of them, and they're all classics! But then there's a subset of 7C songs that I only associate with you, because pretty much we were the only ones that had heard of them (I wanna bop with ya baby all night long...) :)