Friday, July 24, 2009

My Wedding Dress

So Kelly is Hosting Show Us Your Life: Wedding Dresses today. I have to say I LOVED my wedding dress. It was actually the first thing that I found for the wedding. Brian and I decided to wait a few weeks to start planning the wedding so we could enjoy just being engaged. My Mom and I went to Karen Eagle (which is now closed) during that time period just to check things out. And (after a phone call to my Dad), we walked out with a wedding dress. We had no place to get married or have a reception. We hadn't decided on colors. But I saw my dress and it was the one. It was even the perfect size off the rack (and at half price)!

I only have the pictures because Brian and I (very recently) threatened to sue our photographer if we didn't get them. Until just this past April all we had were our formal album or anything (and we'd paid for it). They went out of business just after the wedding and left us with nothing. Fortunately we found them and got everything (including the digital photos)!

Us on the way to the reception
Probably one of my favorites. Noelle was in the wedding, and as we walked out, she just kind of followed us!
The whole dress
The back of the dress and the veil. My favorite part about my dress was the ribbon around the bodice. I also loved how it came to a point in the definitely slimmed out my um, problem area....
Next week we'll be sharing the bridal party and colors of our weddings!


  1. I love the dress, the back is my favorite.


  2. love the dress! thought I'd let you know we spell our name the same... I don't see that too often :) haha!

  3. Loved your wedding pictures...great dress..Thanks for sharing.Your dress was gorgeous. I enjoyed my visit to your blog...Hope you will visit me...I have a fun post up today with two giveaways on Monday.

  4. I love the back of the dress! I have never seen one like that before.