Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busch Gardens - Again

We went to Busch Gardens again yesterday on Brian's day off. We decided to switch things up a bit and go in the opposite direction of our usual route. We got to the Sesame Street Forest of Fun first, and there was a show going on. Because Wyatt is petrified of characters, we skipped the show and went on a ride. After the water ride Wyatt said "No Sesame Street. No Sesame Street." So we left.

We stopped and rode a few rides that he'd never ridden before on the way to lunch. He had a lot of fun, and got very brave. After we'd been on a few rides we passed some airplanes. Brian and I saw them, but quickly decided that we weren't sure he was ready because he had to ride it solo and it was a bigger ride. Wyatt had a different idea about the planes though. He asked so nicely that we let him try and he did a great job! It had a control to make the plane elevate and he pulled on it before the ride started, but he stopped as soon as it started circulating. He still had a lot of fun.

After lunch we took both kids on the carousel. Reese had to pass a test to be able to ride a horse. They told me she had to take three steps - and she did it! She had a wonderful time on the horsie. We went to Land of the Dragons after the carousel and the boys were all over the place. Reese and I just sat in the shade and waited for them patiently. Wyatt rode a few rides over there, but his absolute favorite were these Ladybug cars. They go around on a track, but he legitimately thought that he was driving! He didn't stop smiling the entire time!

We saw the eagles, the "big bad wolf" (Wyatt's terms) and the Clydesdales on the way out. I think Wyatt would have an absolute ball if we went to Busch Gardens and only looked at the animals!

After dinner the boys went on a bike ride around the neighborhood on this contraption. Wyatt loved it. We then went to get ice cream at Handel's, and we got Wyatt his own cone. He did a really good job eating the ice cream, and we were really proud of him (you know, when we weren't shoveling ice cream into Reese's mouth - she loves that stuff!). Once the ice cream was gone and there was only cone left he looked into the cone and looked at me and said "I need more ice cream please, Mommy!" I told him that the ice cream was all gone, but he could eat the cone and he happily obliged. When I was putting him to bed last night I asked him if he had the best day and he looked at me and "Yes Mommy." He has no idea what he was saying, but it was so sweet!

Wyatt was shouting "No camera! No pictures!"
I actually got to go on a ride with Wyatt!
Waiting for Mommy and Wyatt
Drinking from her sippy cup!
Riding the horse
Loving the ladybug cars!

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