Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Don't Wednesday!

It's time for I Don't Wednesday over at Jenna's Journey!
Jenna’s Journey Blog
  • I don't like onions. I loathe them. I don't like the way they taste, I don't like the way they crunch, and I don't like the way they make me cry when I cut them. And every time we have burgers, I intentionally wait for Brian to ask me to cut him a few slices, because I'm secretly hoping he'll forget.
  • I don't mow the lawn. I simply tell Brian that my Dad never taught me how to (he didn't)! There was no reason for me to learn because I have two brothers.
  • I don't make my bed everyday. Not only am I the first one up on the days I work, I'm also out of the house before anyone else is up. Brian doesn't make the bed, so it doesn't get done until I get home at noon....and a lot of days that doesn't happen....
  • I don't like football. Or even understand it. I loathe Sundays during the fall when Brian and I make lists of things to do and he says "Do you think we can get all of this done before the one o'clock game?" Seriously!?! It's the stupidest game ever! But I am really looking forward to going to a Dolphins/Panthers game in November!
  • I don't like to work out right now. Probably because I need a refill on my inhaler...


  1. I don't make my bed either... and it bugs me, but I'm too tired to change. But I do like football.

  2. I am going to Dolphins/Panthers game too! We got a package deal to go to that game and Redskins game. I love football and even if you don't like it you will have fun at game. Maybe we will see each other. I will be the one in a maternity Panthers Jersey...haha!