Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had Wyatt's Spiderman party! We were blessed with gorgeous weather for a party after a morning full of fog. I handed over the reins of party planning to my husband because he knows better than I what a little boy wants at his birthday party. That should explain this:
This wall mural is taller than I am, but Wyatt LOVES it. Both kids also wore Spiderman shirts to the party. Reese wore her big brother's brown shirt!
The beautiful weather really gave us the opportunity to get everyone outside to enjoy the day. We set up Wyatt's soccer set and baseball tee, in addition to their little house and slide that have taken up a permanent residence in our backyard. Dave and Stephanie also have a bounce house that they brought with them to entertain the kids!
Wyatt was so excited to open his presents. We were all outside when it was time, and I had him go tell all his friends that it was time for him to open his presents. It made me really happy that he thanked everyone for the gifts that he gave them!
We went to get his cake yesterday, and he was in love! He wanted to hold it on his lap in the car (which I refused), then he sat at the table and stared at it until his party started. I have to say that this cake is pretty neat (another choice by Daddy)!
The only problem was that he couldn't keep his hands off the cake! He got some blue frosting on his fingers and it ended up on his face!
We set up a table and chairs outside for everyone to eat, and it worked out really well. I think the cake was cute, but I think that in the future I might stick to cupcakes. They make everything so much easier!
Wyatt really loved his cake! Until his Aunt Katie put some ice cream on the plate! I don't know why, but this kid really doesn't like ice cream!
I will forgive Katie that transgression because she did such a good job keeping Reese entertained, and feeding her chocolate cake!
Towards the end of the party (you know, after the sugar high), Colin, Tyler and Wyatt started running around in and out of the bounce house, and they had a blast. After a little bit we were able to coax the boys inside to play with some of Wyatt's new toys.

Wyatt had a really great party! He had such a blast with his friends and cousins, and it's all he can talk about today! Thanks to everyone who came and made his day so special!

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