Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Baskets

So we try to keep the kids Easter baskets tame. In fact, we've never discussed the Easter Bunny with them. And we probably won't. The Easter Bunny freaks me out. And I'm fine with the kids knowing that their Easter baskets come from us.

We really didn't do much Sunday morning (like I already said). The house was a mess from the party and new toys, and I was really tired (we'll get to that, I said I have a lot of updates). So we had low key Easter basket time that included Brian putting everything together around 9:30. Here is his handy work:

Both baskets
Wyatt's basket including his new Imaginext submarine and his Derek Jeter action figure. He loves all this stuff!
Here is Reese's basket. She got some of the same things, but she also got her very own Noelley dog and a Little People Wedding set.
And here they both are in love with their goodies!

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