Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busch Gardens!

We are going through a difficult period in our house right now...with sleep. Wyatt is waking up around 5 every morning and walking up to Brian and saying "Hey Daddy, I'm awake!" Usually we can get him to go back and stay in his room until the sun comes up at 6. This is my worst nightmare. I am a sleeper. Especially in my first trimester. When he gets up at 6 he comes in and lays down with us and watches TV, but it's not like we get any good sleep. In fact, on Sunday since we were awake and all, we decided just to get ready to go to Busch Gardens.

As a sidenote, I can not wait until he's a teenager and I can wake him up every morning. At 5. Or 6. As torture.
Anyway, I'll just kind of let the pictures speak for themselves....

Reese and Daddy waiting for a ride.
Wyatt wanted to go on the Elmo ride that takes them up to the top and drops down.
And he had a blast!
We went to see the Clydesdales.
The kids went on the boat ride. They were sitting next to each other when the ride started. Then Wyatt decided he wanted to stand up and move to the back seat.
And then he finished the ride sitting next to Reese again. He didn't even get in trouble from the attendant. He got in trouble from us.
Riding the cars together. I am so excited that she can ride with him now!
Reese rode the dragons with Daddy!
And Reese got to ride the pink horse!
We spent the rest of our trip eating lunch at FestHaus, Brian debated getting a beer and torturing me, we ran in to old neighbors who are moving because they were pushed over the edge by the same neighbors that prompted our move, we shared with them that we never bothered to learn that neighbors name and instead just referred to him as"FOLG," short for Fat Obnoxious Loud Guy, they laughed, we left. And the kids were asleep withing 2 minutes.
Sorry to be so brief, but I have to go to bed. Wyatt will be awake in 8 hours.

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