Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wyatt's 3rd Birthday!

Brian and I are both really lucky to have schedules flexible enough to take the day off on the kids' birthdays. I really want to make sure that they feel like their birthdays are their special days and that they have a blast! I'm sure one day that will mean that they'll want to sleep in until noon, but that's not what it means for my three year old!

Brian and I snuck in his room at 2:18 when he officially turned three, and he continued to sleep soundly. Then he woke up at 6! And believe me, he knew that it was his birthday!

The first thing that we did that morning was open up his cards and presents. Let's just say, he wasn't that interested in the cards.
The presents, on the other hand, were the best thing ever. I've got to say, I am in love with Fisher Price's Imaginext line of toys. They have lots of really neat things in different price ranges, and watching Wyatt play with them is amazing. My brother and sister in law bought him the fire station for Christmas and he loves it. And we love watching him sit on the floor actively playing and using his imagination. So for his birthday we got him the Bat Cave.

Mr. Obsessed with Toy Story also got his very own set of Buzz Lightyear wings. This was a total Daddy purchase. I objected. I mean, I can just see him running through the house without a care in the world, and then slamming a wing into his sister like she's the evil emperor Zurg. "To infinity and beyond..." or flat on the floor. Anyway, that hasn't happened yet, for two reasons. The first is that he really prefers that Brian lift him in the air and help him "fly." But if that doesn't work, then he climbs up the back of my couch and jumps onto the cushions. Seriously. He is all space ranger.

We also had some fun with the garbage truck came. For the first time in awhile (that I've seen), they both ran to the playroom and watched it out the window.
After all that fun we decided to go to Toys R Us. We mainly just went to look at something, but they were having a sale where you got one Fisher Price toy for free if you bought another. So, you know, we bought another...
We got him the Imaginext Boat. He loves this thing too! I really can't tell which he likes more, but I've noticed that the boat has been making a few sea rescues near the bat cave lately. And yes, his shirt says Birthday Boy and it is adorable. I got it for him at Carter's a few weeks ago. We had a Doctor's appointment and a few other things that day and I wanted everyone to see that it was his birthday while we were out and about. Of course, by the time the Pediatrician came in Wyatt didn't have a shirt on, but he realized it was Wyatt's birthday as soon as he looked at his chart!
When we came home from the Doctor we watched the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie until dinner. Wyatt has seen it 3 times at the movies (we have a lot of free movie passes), and he loves it!
We got lucky and also had a train come by while we were home. Whenever we hear a train whistle during the day (and they're hard to miss), both kids stop what they're doing and run to the kitchen door so we can go out on the deck. I don't know what they're going to do when houses actually go up behind us!

After all that excitement we went to Red Robin for dinner (of course). Wyatt even asked us to have the people come sing to him, and then acted all embarrassed about them coming over. He also didn't want his sundae. Can you believe that?
That was fortunate because it left more room for the cupcakes that I made from scratch. The cupcake batter. The frosting. All made by my hand and the Kitchen Aid mixer. This was a first for me, and they were delicious!
All in all I think he had a really great birthday! We can't believe how big he is getting, and we're more and more proud of him everyday. And we're really looking forward to his party on Saturday!

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