Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This week has barely started, but I am already super excited about it. I officially reached 12 weeks yesterday! 28 weeks until the baby's here! And 8 weeks until we (might?) find out what it is! And we have a doctor's appointment this Thursday!

And I am in a fabulous mood! Maybe it's the fact that I have a hair appointment on Friday (hello highlights), because hair appointments always make me happy. Maybe it's just the fact that Reese is being so polite that it melts my heart. She says "please" and "thank you" routinely (usually without prompting), and she just sounds so sweet when she says it. It could have been the thunderstorm that came rolling in last night. Amazing! I think it's a combination of all that, plus a few other things...

Like Gerber daisies! I love them! At the old house we planted them in Noelle's garden, and today at Wal Mart Wyatt saw them and asked to get some of "Noelley's flowers." So we picked some up and they just make me so happy!
Yoplait Light Red Velvet Cake is amazing. I saw it today (yes, at Wal Mart) and had to get it. Absolutely amazing.
And maybe another reason I'm happy is because there was no line today at Wal Mart. And that when the cashier didn't get to ring up my Sprite before I paid, the lady behind me offered to pay for it for me! Maybe it was because she was wearing a Yankees shirt and Wyatt was chanting "Red Sox, Boo! De-rek Je-ter!" clap clap clap clap clap clap. Or maybe it was because she saw me fighting with him 5 minutes earlier over leaving his sister's shoes on.
Whatever it was, she made my day!
I got this dress yesterday from Old Navy. Our friend Ryan is getting married in June, and I need something to wear. It's a pretty formal wedding at a Yacht Club and I need something that's maternity and not expensive that I can dress up. I think this might work! And it can be dressed down for my days with the kids. I love dresses and skirts in the summer.

I also got my maternity swimsuit yesterday! We obviously spend a ton of time at the waterpark or my parents' pool, so I needed a new suit (obviously, I also got bottoms). I really like these colors and I think it will do a good job covering up what will become a massive belly!

And finally, what has really capped off this week is the fact that my husband shaved his goatee off! It's usually a winter thing for him, but it's gone on too long this year! So Sunday I asked (kind of) nicely and he shaved it off! Yay!

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  1. Jason does the whole winter facial hair thing too...what is with these boys?!!